Hi!  My name is Dustin Summers.  I'm an Android Developer presently serving in the United States Army.  I am extremely passionate, hard-working, and have a proven track record of going the extra mile to ensure that the mission and organizational goals are accomplished.

Professionally, I lead a small team of Android Developers creating unique solutions for external customer's while finishing my enlistment term of 9 1/2 years serving in the United States Army.  I currently lead and contribute to a secure Android mobile communication application which is presently being utilized operationally in multiple areas around the globe.  

Personally, I've built applications and dedicated time outside of my full-time job to learn about all aspects of the Android SDK Framework.  RESTful API's, SQLite, and the Android Lifecycle are all areas that I am extremely familiar with.  

Taking advantage of the educational benefits offered to military members, I obtained three degrees while serving.  I hold a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland University College, and was inducted into the Upsilon Pi Epsilon International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines.  I also hold a Bachelors of Science in Game Design, as well as an Associates of Applied Science in Intelligence Operations.